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Machine requirements Dimensions Length 3200mm × width 1690mm × height 2360mm
Curb weight ≤3800kg
Walking speed ≥1m/s
Maximum obstacle ≥200mm
Climbing angle ≥31°
Roll angle 30°
Steering Type In situ
 control wireless remote control
Shock absorber system ATV self-propelled chassis
Power form diesel engine
Driving power 78KW
Charging time
operating hours Working time is 16h, continuous working time is not less than 2h, the whole machine is stable and reliable
Wireless communication distance ≥1500m
Protection level
Track material The inside of the crawler is all metal skeleton, and the outside is made of high-temperature resistant, flame-retardant rubber, which meets the requirements of flame-retardant and anti-static. It adopts a toothed structure and has a crawler derailment protection design
Straight line deviation ≤1%
Braking distance ≤0.2m
Drag ability 20000N, six main lines for water supply, with waterproof belt knot design
Main technical requirements Functional requirements Pass the full performance inspection of the National Fire Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, meet the requirements of fire protection use, and provide related inspection reports.
System composition It is used for fire extinguishing and rescue operations in high-risk environments such as high temperature, high heat, toxic and explosive danger areas. It consists of a chassis system, a fire extinguishing system (fire water monitor), a water curtain cooling system, an environmental detection system, an audio and video transmission system and a wireless control device.
Wireless control Using an integrated wireless control device, the chassis system, environment detection system and audio and video transmission system can be remotely controlled at the same time on the control device.
Functional requirements The fire extinguishing robot (with reconnaissance) has wireless remote control, reconnaissance detection, fire extinguishing, multi-point water curtain self-sprinkling and cooling, image collection and data transmission, waterproof, anti-overturning, obstacle crossing, autonomous obstacle avoidance, wading, forward, backward, Turning and other functions can replace fire rescue personnel to enter the scene of flammable, explosive, toxic, dense smoke and other dangerous disaster accidents for detection, search and rescue, fire extinguishing, collection and transmission of data and information.
Robot composition A crawler robot platform is used, which is composed of a robot body, a fire extinguishing smoke exhaust fan and a control box.
Fire water cannon Material The gun head is made of aluminum alloy hard oxidation
Working water pressure 1.0MPa
Maximum flow 80L/S
Maximum range ≥85m
Rotation angle
Spray angle
Jet method
other requirements
Fume extractor performance Rated air volume 80000m3/h
Water mist flow 7L/s± 8%L/S
Pitch angle -15~40°
The height of the center of the smoke extractor from the ground Retracted state 1620mm, raised state 3260mm
Control System Control box composition Control walking handle
Control the fire fan handle
Video switch
Lighting control switch
Display screen The screen size of the operating terminal is 10.1 inches to monitor the data signal and the robot in real time.
Self-protection system Cooling design
Wireless remote control anti-interference It has anti-interference function of multiple machines and external wireless signals
Obstacle avoidance and lighting
Waterway structure The waterway structure adopts antifreeze self-unloading design. According to the actual water flow direction of the water monitor, there is no water storage down channel, which does not involve water storage problems; universal joint quick joints.
Technical performance Multi-gas detection
Carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, carbon dioxide, combustible gas (can be increased to 12 gases)

Video camera Wireless camera PTZ system:
Horizontal angle: 360° infinite continuous rotation
Up and down angle: +90~-90°
Maximum image size: 1920*1080, frame rate 25~30
Protection level: IP68 (with infrared night vision function)
Thermal Imaging Realize the detection of heat source through infrared thermal imaging;
Obstacle Avoidance System The obstacle avoidance system automatically recognizes the distance of obstacles, detects obstacles within 5 meters ahead in real time, and automatically decelerates and stops moving forward. The distance between the automatic stop position and the obstacle is ≥2.5m, and the maximum braking distance is ≤0.3m;
Hose configuration The robot has a six-inlet configuration, and the robot can drag six 100-meter water-filled 80-water belts to walk.
sound and light warning  Fire-fighting robots provide sound and light warning signals during operation
Test Report YES