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Single-tube single output

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Rated working pressure: 63MPa

Hydraulic oil tank volume: 3L

Working speed: 3200±200rpm

Conversion pressure: 8Mpa

Engine power: 1.7KW

High pressure flow: 0.4L/min

Low pressure flow: 2.3L/min

Weight: 24kg

Compact and compact, it is easy to handle; it uses pure imported Honda engine as power source, with strong power and stable performance; it contains two sets of high pressure oil pipes. 1, single output structure, 2, single interface design, with pressure operation, one step in place; 3, 360 degree rotating buckle interface, more convenient and safer operation; 4, good heat dissipation performance Make working time unrestricted; 5, low noise level, help the quality of the call between the rescuer and the trapped person; 6, light weight, small size; easy to carry and carry.