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A brief introduction to mobile chainsaws

date 2020-06-19     author: admin     view:539

1. Easy to use: The machine uses single-person portable operation, light weight. 2. Wide range of operations: can be achieved cutting coal seams, rocks, concrete, reinforced concrete, pipes, masonry, stone and other stone, wood operations, its narrow cutting arm can be deep into up to 500 mm blind hole or through hole of a molding operation, large is not restricted.

The minimum cutting square hole is: length x width x 120 x 120 mm.

3. Non-polluting: wet cutting, water flow from the saw board high-speed spewing directly to the saw chain and cutting objects, without any dust. 4. High safety: the main unit is equipped with a number of personal injury protection devices, any failure of the machine can ensure that the person is not injured.

Also when the flushing water pressure is below 0.2MPa, the chainsaw automatically stops working, preventing high temperatures and sparks.

5. High scientific and technological content: the main drive elements using the world's best high-speed motor, running smoothly and efficiently, saw chain head using diamond sintering technology, and the use of laser welding, long life, cutting speed and low price.

6. The main operator is ergonomic: the aircraft is equipped with a clever power frame that automatically converts the operator's forward thrust into a chain-down cutting force, reducing the operator's labor intensity.