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Wolfman briefly introduces long-range life-saving throwers

date 2020-06-19     author: admin     view:450

How it works: The launch mode, low working pressure, high initial velocity of the warhead, cast force.


The furthest rope throwing distance can reach 250M;

The warhead has a tail, strong wind resistance and high launch accuracy;

High-pressure air stored in carbon fiber cylinder can be long-term backup, the use of extremely simple operation, continuous emission, short launch interval, high rescue efficiency;

Equipped with slope meter, adjustable emission angle to improve the accuracy of projectile;

Pneumatic emission without pyrotechnics, can be used in flammable areas;

The use of bag-type packaging, transport and carry convenient;

Product weather resistance is strong, long service life.

Technical specifications of the product: 1, high-pressure air operating pressure: 70 bar.

The overall weight of the product is less than 8KG and the projectile quality is greater than 1.8KG.

2, projectile distance: water time projectile automatic inflatable life ring distance of up to 100-190M, land time throw rope distance up to 200-250M.

3, rope throwing size: 3mm x 270M, rope pull is not less than 2000N.

4, rear seat force: maximum 5400N, flight time: about 3-8 seconds.

5, water with float into the water within 5 seconds automatically inflatable into a life ring, resulting in more than 8KG buoyancy.

6, the product bag packaging, easy to transport and carry, equipped with slope meter, easy to control the launch angle, improve the accuracy of projectiles, the use of carbon fiber cylinders, light and high pressure resistance, can be long-term backup, automatic inflatable life ring warhead installation and replacement is convenient, can improve rescue efficiency.

Scope of application:

1, water life-saving: suitable for the riverside, lake, riverside and seaside and other complex rescue sites, can be quickly, continuous implementation of long-distance water life-saving.

2, land rescue: applicable to marine, police, military, fire, ship-to-ship, ship-to-ship, high-rise or mountain-to-mountain rescue occasions tossing rope operations.