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Introduction to the Emergency Management Command System

date 2019-08-31     author: wolfman     view:983



Policy, industry background

For the development requirements of modern emergency rescue management, scientific decision-making, command emergency rescue operations, make full use of modern points, through the comprehensive data analysis of emergencies, to provide intelligent emergency rescue command and management system for command personnel.

For each emergency management agency equipped with visual in-vehicle audio and video data system, improve the emergency communication capabilities of individual communications equipment. Labeling management and digital analysis of emergency rescue equipment, providing safe, reliable, stable performance and simple operation of rescue programs, to solve the rescue dragon voice video and rescue site all kinds of data interconnection problems, improve rescue efficiency.



Introduction to the company

Against this backdrop, Wolfman Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, the core city of International Economics, Finance, Trade, Shanghai and Hangzhou, and was successfully listed in August 2018 at the Shanghai Equity Trust Trading Center. The company specializes in emergency rescue department dedicated computer software, hardware development, based on the Internet of Things, cloud evidence, artificial intelligence platform, the emergency department of people, money, material data analysis, to achieve the effective control of multi-sector door to multi-sector event burst.




Products and services

The company has established long-term cooperative relations with many key international universities and scientific research units, and established a research and development center in Shanghai to develop a series of software "emergency management command system".

"Multidimensional management command system has modular, intelligent, integrated, professional and so on, the system is subdivided  into a platform, a diagram to solve the emergency rescue personnel command of the "car company management module" through the "war  support management module" to achieve the dynamic and stage collection of war-ready materials, automatic calculation of the war-readiness model,   to ensure the supply of intelligent decision-making system, to provide equipment application model and joint operations transfer program.  "Single-soldier command and management module" to achieve three-dimensional positioning of single-soldier, vital signs data transmission, the whole field of audio and video communication.  "Digital rescue" can develop a panoramic without early model, through the operational information dataization to achieve a map dynamic analysis of combat records "equipment equipment transmission data module" can be robots, drones, single-man mounted personalized data transmission. The whole system around the security rescue, multimedia police, accurate input equipment and troop strength, back-up analysis, multi-display terminal, rescue system front and rear information sharing to achieve the intelligent emergency management command system.  

"Through the integration of the various modules of the "Emergency Management Command System", the monitoring interface of vehicle, single soldier, equipment data collection and field command and monitoring system can be transmitted back to the mobile phone side of the command center and remote commander to achieve the overall goal of "sensitive information, sharing of resources, strong command and orderly command".

"Little Fuman people have always been adhering to the "innovative integration, integrity and friendliness" business philosophy, to provide the whole field of intelligent emergency rescue products as their own responsibility, adhere to the excellent quality, service into the cause of emergency rescue.