Eggceptional Quality Products

Spray dried

  • Whole Egg Plain
  • Whole Egg Free Flow
  • Whole Egg Blends
  • Yolk Blends/Yolk Plain
  • Yolk Free Flow

Spray-dried egg whites

  • Angel
  • Standard

Pan-dried egg whites

  • Flake
  • Granular
  • Milled

Liquid & frozen

  • Whole Egg/Yolk/Whites
  • Salt Yolks, Whole Egg
  • Sugar Yolk & Blends

Egg Functions

No other food product has quite the versatility and functionality of the egg. Eggs make up the difference between good recipes and great ones. They keep foods moist, make sauces thicker and are even used in pharmaceuticals. Nothing works harder than the egg.

Function Description Applications
Adhesion Properties Adheres ingredients to food products. Health Bars, Breads, Snacks
Aeration & Structure Improvement Egg proteins make foods lighter and fluffier. Meringues, Mousses, Souffles
Binding Egg proteins provide structure and possess coagulative properties. Snack Foods, Meat Products
Browning Adds attractive brown color to baked foods. Rolls/Buns, Cookies
Clarification Egg whites inhibit enzymatic reactions and prevent cloudiness in beverages. Wines, Juices
Coagulation & Gelation Egg white and yolk proteins turn to gel. Cakes/Frostings, Custards
Coating Locks in flavor and aroma. Baked Goods, Snacks
Color Egg yolk pigments contribute attractive color to many foods. Baked Products, Noodles, Custards
Crystallization Control Egg whites prevent sugar crystallization and promote smoothness of chocolate. Confections
Emulsification Eggs stabilize oil in water emulsions. Salad Dressings, Sauces
Finish/Gloss Improves product appearance. Egg wash gives surfaces gloss and shine. Sweet Breads, Cookies, Frostings
Flavor Enhances some flavors while adding desirable egg flavor. Custards, Confections
Freezability of Foods Improves texture of products through freeze/thaw cycle. Frozen Doughs, Microwavables
Humectancy Holds moisture in to keep foods fresher, longer. Breads, Rolls
Insulation Keeps products from turning soggy. Breads, Frozen Doughs
Mouthfeel Improvement Provides substantial body and smoothness to foods. Breads, Sweet Goods, Puddings
pH Stable pH. Won’t disrupt food product formulations.
Shelf Life Extension Keeps starch molecules moist and fresh. Commercial Bread Formulations
Tenderization Tenderizes foods naturally. Soft Breads, Rolls
Texture Improvement Firms up food textures. Rolls, Light Foods
Thickening Thickens sauces, gravies and adds body. Sauces, Toppings, Prepared Foods



  • 1 – 20 lb. Bag-n-Bag
  • 2 – 20 lb. Bag-in-Bag
  • 6/5 Containers
  • 30 lb. Cans
  • 2,000 lb. Totes
  • 45,000 lb. Tankers


  • 50 lb. Boxes
  • 150 lb. Drums
  • 200 lb. Drums


Dried Yolk/Whole Egg Water/Product
Whole Egg Plain & Free Flowing 3/1
Yolk Plain & Free Flowing 1.25/1
Dried Whites Water/Product
Standard Albumen 7/1
Angel Albumen 7/1
Granular Albumen 7/1
Milled Albumen 7/1
Flake Albumen 7/1

To make one cup:

Egg Size Whole Whites Yolks
Jumbo 4 5 11
X-Large 4 6 12
Large 5 7 14
Medium 5 8 16
Small 6 9 18

1 Ounce Dried Whole Egg = 2 Large Eggs

3 Ounces Dried Whole Egg = 1 Cup